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Welcome to our platform, dedicated to creating inclusive learning experiences! We aim to provide training and discussion on strategies and pedagogies tailored to help all individuals in their unique learning journeys. Whether you are a teacher, therapist, facilitator or parent, our goal is to provide the assistance necessary to foster a supportive learning environment. Join us on this journey of empowerment and collaboration.


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Inclusive education focuses on integrating and guaranteeing special educational needs of pupils with various forms of disabilities in mainstream schools. SAALED offers a platform for educators to share knowledge and experiences as well as provide access to one’s peers in order to become better educators.

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By joining the organisation you will become part of an interdisciplinary network of people concerned with a wide range of aspects of support for learning.


SAALED’s Mission & Vision

SAALED’s mission is to support educators and therapists in cultivating inclusive learning environments. We strive to empower all to address educational differences within the classroom, fostering an atmosphere where every student can actively participate and flourish in their unique learning journey.

SAALED’s vision is to facilitate the promotion and implementation of inclusive education through information, support, collaboration, advocacy and training


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An introduction to drama therapy

Jessica Mayson

Event Info

Creativity as a bridge to awareness
In this webinar participants will be introduced to the field of drama therapy, a creative and expressive approach to psychotherapy.

The webinar will include a brief experiential drama therapy process, so participants can get a taste of what this therapy approach actually looks and feels like.

Jessica is an Arts Therapist. Arts Therapies are creative, expressive psychotherapy approaches, and have four branches that are regulated by the Health Professions Council of South Africa: Drama Therapy, Music Therapy, Art Therapy, and Dance/movement Therapy. Drama Therapy is her specialisation. In her practice, words are not the only language we can use. Depending on your need we can use story, symbol, artmaking, movement, ritual and creative mapping to access that which often lies beyond words. These creative approaches can support self-curiosity, and help find new perspectives on things that feel ‘stuck’.  The webinar will be presented by Jessica Mayson via MS Teams at 18h00 on 23 July 2024.

Please note that webinar topics and dates are subject to change.

 What our delegates say!

Poetry Webinar: SAALED webinar presented by Ruth Everson

A passionate and personal presentation, kept us riveted throughout.


Poetry Webinar: SAALED webinar presented by Ruth Everson

The idea of how poetry gives people hope and a way to express themselves or feel that they can relate to others and not feel alone.


Poetry Webinar: SAALED webinar presented by Ruth Everson

Phenomenal Speaker with lots of experience and so relatable.


Poetry Webinar: SAALED webinar presented by Ruth Everson

Ruth’s passion for writing and using her voice to inspire hope. I’m looking forward to imparting that to my students so that they know they too have a powerful voice.


Exploring a contemporary picture book with young readers in the Foundation Phase Webinar presented by Makeda Phekani

I loved how Makeda focused on the response of the reader to the text using a picture. This was something new to me.


Exploring a contemporary picture book with young readers in the Foundation Phase Webinar presented by Makeda Phekani

Reading through a picturebook more than once with learners is crucial for increasing learner engagement, visual literacy and critical thinking skills.


Exploring a contemporary picture book with young readers in the Foundation Phase Webinar presented by Makeda Phekani

The relation to the South African context and how to practically incorporate this into our class.





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SAALED June 2024 Newsletter

SAALED June 2024 Newsletter

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SAALED April 2024 Newsletter

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