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Luke Lamprecht Webinar

Luke’s practical approach and accessible manner made for a most informative webinar. We were delighted with the record number of participants and would like to thank Luke Lamprecht for his loyalty and  commitment to SAALED.

A few comments from the feedback survey:

  • Speaks from the heart with such passion for what he does.
  • Luke’s knowledge and style of presentation is always brilliant.
  • Relevant information – fruitful topic.
  • It made me think of specific children I deal with and gave me ideas to try.

Gravity - the missing link in child development.

Webinar Review by Fleur Durbach 

What is Gravity? How much do we know about this powerful source of energy?

The July webinar presented by Dr Melodie de Jager, was phenomenal. Dr de Jager who is a researcher in the field of neuroscience, as well as a renowned author, shared the vital role of gravity in child development. Doing simple movements with your child can make an enormous difference. 

She explained the correlation between the movement patterns babies follow, and the development of thinking and balance. The extensive research she has conducted with Russian neurologists, who shared research on cosmonauts, indicates that if the structures in the lower part of the brain are not fully developed, cognitive functions may take time to reach maturation. 

Dr de Jager outlined how gravity affects everything we do, and often do not realize how important it is in keeping us centered. A fully functional human vestibular system, continually guides and directs all our movements, creating a sense of being grounded. 

The work conducted by Dr de Jager at the Mind Moves Institute has provided a deeper understanding of the interactive relationship between cognitive functions required for direction and sequencing. This pertains to both the somatosensory system as well as the vestibular system.

A model likened to the building of a house is used to explain that learning takes place in the body before it occurs in the brain. 

“At the Mind Moves Institute we have found that the interdependence between the somatosensory system, the vestibular system and its relationship with gravity to be pivotal in the unfolding of the human brain and body”.

(de Jager. M; Efimov.O; & Efimov.V 2020) 

It is impossible to do justice to this intricate inter-relationship in this review.

To find out more about this fascinating topic follow the links below.

*Link to Mind Moves included in the article

*Link to a free chapter of GRAVITY 

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