Greetings and Happy New Year! As we step into 2024, let’s shift our focus from mere survival to thriving. Last year was a testament to our resilience, where many of us operated in fight, flight, or freeze mode. This year let us consciously choose to do our best and enjoy the experiences.

Please renew your membership as soon as possible, in order to gain maximum benefit from the membership rates for the upcoming webinars.  Details are on the attached newsletter as well as details of the first webinar for the year.

To book for the special offer of R540 for all three webinars, which is for SAALED members only, please email with the details along with your membership number, an invoice will then be sent to you for payment. Non members can book for the three webinars at the normal price of R300 per webinar which shows that it is well worth your while to become a SAALED member.

For individuals wanting to book and pay for Ruth’s webinar only, please use the link below.

All schools should email their delegates details for the webinar to

A reminder that schools need to ask their IT departments to whitelist the domain to allow the emails to come through regarding news and upcoming webinars.  We receive a lot of emails bouncing back due to being rejected because of IT server settings.

To read the rest of the newsletter, please click on the link.